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At UNLIMITED, we empower your business to leverage every customer interaction as an opportunity for growth. With our cutting-edge AI and personalized survey analytics, we help you understand your customers like never before. Harness the power of cognitive insights to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

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Tailored Customer Insights: Dive deep into your customer's mindset with custom-designed surveys that reveal their true needs and desires.

AI-Driven Interactions: Our bespoke AI assistants are not just support tools; they are built to enhance customer engagement, drive sales, staff training and increase customer retention.

Actionable Analytics: Convert raw data into strategic actions that propel your business forward. Our analytics give you the knowledge to make informed decisions quickly.

Sales Growth: With UNLIMITED, expect not just improved customer interactions, but measurable growth in sales, services and customer loyalty.

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Customers often favor AI Assistants because they involve a one-time purchase, unlike our analysis services, which require a monthly subscription. AI assistants are more powerful and provide real-time analysis daily for better decision-making. Additionally, they offer UNLIMITED possibilities for improvements and can seamlessly integrate with other systems, enhancing overall business operations and customer service.

NOTE : The services listed are our standard offerings. We customize each package to align with your specific needs and objectives.

Businesses Under 3000 Customers / Month

Option 1

  • Monthly Analysis
  • Personalised AI Assistant (optional)
Businesses Over 3000+ Customers / Month

Option 2

  • Consulting
  • Monthly Analysis (optional)
  • Personalised AI Assistant(s)
Analysis Benefits


  • Descriptive Diagnosis of customer behaviour
  • Trend Analysis
  • Benchmarking (coming soon)
AI Assistant(s) Benefits

AI Assistant(s)

  • Flexibility & Adaptibility (in depth details on every customer)
  • Real-Time Interactive Analysis (Improves Decision Making)
  • Integrations with other AI systems & external softwares (CRM, database, Inventory & stock Management ...)
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